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3 Day Juice Cleanse + 1 Day Clean Box for only $188.00 + tax (reg. $220 + tax)

First delivery or pick up - 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Second delivery or pick up - 1 Day "Clean Box" Meal plan

Help us reduce our footprint, if you return all 18 empty glass bottles you will receive a $15.00 credit for your next purchase!

When placing your order please specify which meal option you would like in the special instruction box!

"Drink Lean" Juice Cleanse

Our"drink lean"cleanse is a level 1 cleanse designed to introduce you into the world of cleansing.

This cleanse has been carefully crafted with a blend of fruits and vegetables that are delicious and nutritious! Each day consists of six 500ml bottles of juice.

juice 1// wake up call

juice 2// magic rabbit

juice 3// green beast

juice 4// lean lemonade

juice 5// on the pink

juice 6// milkshake

Clean Meal Box

The 4th day of the cleanse is all about introducing clean healthy food back to your body. We take care of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus two snacks to give your body the nutrients it deserves after the 3 day juice cleanse!

We offer two different options and can make any changes necessary due to food allergies or sensitivities.

Option 1:

Breakfast// Greek Yogurt Parfait
Snack// Raw Protein Bar
Lunch// Large Cobb Forager Salad
Snack// Chia Seed Pudding
Dinner// Large Paleo Bowl

Option 2:

Breakfast// Chia Seed Pudding
Snack// Raw Protein Bar
Lunch// Thai Chicken Wrap
Snack// Vegetables and Hummus
Dinner// Large Spicy Caesar Chicken Salad

3 Day Juice Cleanse and 1 day Clean Box for $188.00 + tax

Come pick up your order or have it delivered straight to your door.

Delivery is a $10.00 one time charge.

Staying Green

Being green is so much more than drinking green. Galt Juice Company aims to have a 0 carbon footprint. To aid that effort all our containers are 100% biodegradable. All returned glass containers are reused in order to produce zero waste.


"thank you so much to galt juice company!"

The meals, snacks, and juices I had were an athlete’s dream come true. Galt Juice Company have a fantastic range of food that is so perfect for an athlete like myself with specific nutritional needs.

"galt juice company – you guys rock!"

Thank you for all your hard work you put into crafting your wonderful healthy products and for your amazing customer service and the extra cookies I am happy to share with my co-workers.

"best cold pressed juice around!"

Last week, I was lucky enough to pick up my first cleanse from Galt Juice Company. Having recently finished I can honestly say... the juice was amazing and I've never felt so good! Thank you Galt Juice Company!

Frequently Asked Questions

how often should i do a cleanse?

Frequency all depends on you and your body. Some people find cleansing to be beneficial when done on a monthly basis, others see the benefits of doing so four times a year. However, listen to your body - if you’re feeling sluggish, bloated, exhausted and simply a duller version of yourself, re-balancing your body with some super packed nutrients will feel extraordinary.

how will i benefit from doing a juice cleanse?

There are many benefits that you body will gain from a juice cleanse with the main ones being: a regulated colon, increased mental clarity, increased energy and stamina, healthy hair and nails, better sleep patterns, and a radiant complexion. And those are just some of the benefits.